Our Mission

The Shira Pransky Project was formed for the purpose of relieving English-speaking immigrants of the hardships associated with navigating the healthcare system in Israel. We promote accessible rights, benefits and support for English-speaking medical patients in Israel through education and advocacy.

Healthcare can be intimidating and confusing, especially in times of personal health crisis. This is particularly true for immigrants, who struggle more in navigating unfamiliar bureaucracy and language barriers. English speakers in Israel face even further challenges unique to the community.

The Shira Pransky Project also strives to assist health and social service organizations reach English-speakers with their support. By simplifying, translating and publicizing practical information, we increase awareness of the relief that is available and help make it accessible.

Our Approach


By establishing relationships with medical and social service providers, collaborating on outreach initiatives and providing translation services, we empower existing networks to improve the accessibility of the support they offer. At the same time, our assistance in relating to English speakers compels organizations to recognize the community and commit to addressing its needs. The Shira Pransky Project provides all of its resources and expertise to assistance personnel throughout Israel who offer services to those in need.

Media: Web, Print & Social

The Shira Pransky Project publishes and publicizes clear information about accessing healthcare rights, benefits and services in organized and navigable platforms. We provide direct information resources to patients, as well as tools for support personnel to use in educating and assisting patients. An online community also facilitates information sharing and networking between patients and among professionals and volunteers.

Values and Operating Principles

We are dedicated to alleviating the strain of personal crisis on medical patients.

Patients in Israel need bridges of information to address poor awareness of the significant infrastructure of organized patient support that is available to them.

We believe that accessibility is necessary to any offer of relief.

We are dedicated exclusively to improving accessibility of support programs by promoting awareness and helping service providers reach the people that need them the most.

Our distinct focus is on English speakers.

This is a vulnerable immigrant population that is often overlooked when those in the support sector do attempt to address awareness and accessibility.

We want people to understand the system before personal crisis hits.

We can make navigating the system less intimidating when it matters most by improving the awareness of all English speaking immigrants, not only those who are already struggling.


Shira Pransky, of blessed memory, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 16, approximately four years after making aliyah with her family. Ten years later she left this world with a legacy of endurance in the face of dramatic challenges, inspirational faith and perspective, and devotion as a wife and mother. Her struggles and her strength moved her loved ones to create the Shira Pransky Project to continue toward a commitment to making a difference in people’s lives.

The inspiration for this project came during Gabe Pransky’s reflections on the struggles that he and Shira faced during her illness, and the realization that there were many more avenues of support that had not been utilized out of poor awareness. Rights, benefits, and support that could have eased their burden considerably all passed by in unfortunate ignorance.

Gabe soon realized that their experience was not unique – that English speakers in Israel face a distinct challenge of awareness in navigating the healthcare system. It makes regular life harder, and it makes times of crisis even more desperate. This realization impressed upon him the great gift that information about rights, benefits and support can be to a person in need.


Shirapranskyproject.org is owned and operated by the Shira Pransky Project, a registered Israeli non-profit organization (#580544708). The website provides the Israeli English-speaking public with information about navigating the healthcare and support systems and highlights the activities of the Shira Pransky Project and other organizations promoting our objectives.