The Ministry of Health has issued a warning against the consumption of Vodka Alaska (suspected of being counterfeit) and Moscow Vodka, which were found to contain large amounts of methanol.

Testing by the Division of Enforcement and Inspection of the Ministry of Health performed upon vodka beverages seized by the Fraud Department of Tel Aviv Police has revealed that Vodka Alaska and Moscow Vodka contained methanol in extremely high amounts.

  • Vodka Alaska 99 ml – The methanol level was found to be 508 times higher than the requirements of the Israeli standard. This beverage is also suspected of being counterfeit due to incorrect labelling of the product (spelling errors and incorrect Rabbinate listing).
  • Moscow Vodka – The methanol level was found to be 474 times higher that the requirements of the Israeli standard. 

The methanol content requirement is 10 g per 100 liters of ethanol, as per Israeli Standard 1572.

Methanol at high doses could cause side effects manifesting as dizziness, weakness, confusion, headaches, vomiting, abdominal pain and convulsions. Drinking methanol could cause blindness as a result of damage to the optic nerve, and even death.

For more information, contact the Ministry of Health’s Health Voice Call Center: *5400 or the Ministry of Health’s Division of Enforcement and Inspection: modin@eliav.health.gov.il, 02-6551797, 02-6551772.


This announcement was originally published on the Ministry of Health website. Click here to view the original press release.


2 thoughts on “Warning! Extremely High Levels of Methanol Found in Two Types of Vodka

  1. Unfortunately, nothing is said nor about who produces this Vodka, neither who imports it. Is it of a Russian origin? From Poland? Produced in Israel?

    • Hi Igor, Thanks for commenting! The names of the manufacturers are listed above, for more information it is suggested to contact the Ministry of Health directly.

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