While the basic healthcare basket covers all of the basic medical care needed during pregnancy, the higher level insurance plans offer a large number of extra benefits. Whether it be an additional ultrasound to put your mind at ease, or being able to choose a doctor that will be extra sensitive to your questions and concerns, many women find having supplemental insurance during pregnancy to be worthwhile. At a time where so much is out of our control and unknown, many women find having the extra special care to be extremely comforting.

Some added benefits include:

  1. Up to 8,000 NIS total (over up to 3 pregnancies) that can be used towards pregnancy and birth, such as private OBGYN visits, lactation consultant, and more. (Highest plan only) 
  2. Partial Reimbursement for Nuchal Translucency [Shkifut Orpit] and other scans at private doctors. (Highest plan only) 
  3.  Early Anatomy Scan [Skira Ma’arachot Mukdemet].

*It is important to note that there is at least a 6 month waiting period for most of these benefits, so it is recommended to join your kupot’s higher level plan before you get pregnant.

For a full list of tests during pregnancy recommended by The Health Ministry, and to see which are covered by the Basic Health Basket, click here.

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