The following are just a few of the testimonials we have received from the thousands of English-speakers and dozens of organizations in Israel who have been assisted by The Shira Pransky Project and the unique resources it provides.


“Just a note to say thank you for this treasure chest of important information that I know Olim need and will use faithfully. Thank you. This really is an amazing public service to English speakers and I find myself referring to it frequently as well as sharing!” 

Tamara Klinger-Levi
Advisor, Nefesh B’Nefesh


“Within 15 minutes of arriving on the site I found a solution to a complicated health-care problem which has been dogging my family for almost a year! This Project is a priceless treasure trove of vital information organized in a logical manner and written in clear, simple English.”

– Paula W., Beit Shemesh


“Through my work and personal life I’m aware of the many frustrations Anglo olim experience with the health care system. I know how difficult it is to deal with a potentially life threatening disease while feeling helpless and ill equipped to fight for one’s rights… I’ve referred to your website when patients were interested in reading in depth about the different benefits they’re entitled to… Israel does a great job when it comes to translating and providing for Russian immigrants, Ethiopians, Arabs… But somehow the Anglo population often falls between the cracks.” 

Avital Gross
Social Worker, Meir Hospital Oncology Department


“I just celebrated the 35th anniversary of my aliyah, and still don’t know how to navigate the system, so this information is a godsend!”

– Karen G., Jerusalem


“Kol Hakavod on the important project. I looked at the website and was very impressed by the information you have gathered.”

Debbie Fishman
Director, Keren Malki


“This is an amazing project! Congratulations…There is a real need for this and for publicizing its existence. Thank you!”

 -Frances B., Tel Aviv


“The Shira Pransky Project… is quite impressive. I will certainly pass this on to friends and olim hadashim. I am pleased that Just One Life is a part of your network. May you continue to expand your project and make information and rights accessible to the English speaking population.”

Madelaine Gitelman
Director, Nefesh Achat B’Yisrael/Just One Life


“Thank you very much for all of your efforts on my behalf to find out how and where I should turn to get the appropriate ongoing cancer treatment in Jerusalem as a returning resident. Such information is not so easily sorted out.” 

Adina B., Berlin


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