Info for Those Injured in an Automobile Accident

Automobile accidents can occur in an instant and can make life difficult physically, emotionally, and financially. In order to ease your hardship and ensure your rights as a victim, it is important to know to your rights.


Payment for Evacuation from the Accident Site and Transportation to the Hospital

The kupat cholim is responsible to pay the related bills for anyone evacuated from an accident who is hospitalized, or for anyone that is not hospitalized, but was evacuated via an intensive care ambulance (Natan/Atan). You must go to a branch with hospital release papers and a report from Magen David Adom.

The liable insurance company pays when someone is evacuated to the emergency room in a regular ambulance but is not hospitalized in the end  (some companies pay directly to Magen David Adom and some reimburse the victim for expenses).

Assistance to Families of Automobile Accident Victims

During the difficult period following the accident, The Ministry of Welfare operates assistance centers for the affected families. More information (in Hebrew) and phone numbers for centers around the country can be found on the program’s web page.

Medical Treatment after the Injury

Someone who is injured in an automobile accident is eligible to receive the medical treatment included in the healthcare basket, covered by his/her Kupat Cholim.

Someone who is injured in an automobile accident is eligible for exemption from payment of copayments for the medical treatment included in the healthcare basket, for treatment stemming from the accident, regardless of the date of the accident.

See a health plan branch for details about receiving reimbursement for these payments.

The insurance company liable for the accident is responsible for payment of medical treatment that is not included in the healthcare basket (hospital nursing care, nursing assistance at home, purchasing of wheelchairs and appliances, dental treatments, etc.).

For more information on rights for Victims of Road Accidents see the Kol Zchut page.