Unlike national health insurance delivered by the health funds and Misrad Habriut, insurance companies sell policies expanding the basic package of services, offering additional layers, and providing a level of service that the basic package omits, including private health services such as long-term care. These policies can be examined independently via registered insurance agents, as well as compared to the supplemental plans offered by your Kupat Cholim.

The private insurance companies are regulated by the Finance Ministry, and in the year 2000 they released the following aid to the consumer, explaining the types of policies available and offering advice and tools for comparison:

2 thoughts on “Private Insurance Consumer Guide

  1. I am 65 years old and my husband is now 67 years old.
    We received a telephone call that our group, private medical policy
    from Harel ends this month and I need to decide
    whether to continue the policy (as private) for me and my husband at twice
    the cost each month than under the group policy.
    Both of us are retired.
    We already have Maccabi Kupat Holim and the supplemental
    Maccabi Magen. We also have a private policy for Seudi (long-
    term care).

    What will the private medical policy from Harel give us that
    we don’t have already?
    If I understand it correctly, I first need to go to Maccabi
    for any operation etc and then turn to Harel.
    Is it worth it?
    Your recommendations/suggestions will be appreciated.

    • Eva, We can’t truly determine if this is worth it for you. We recommend that you ask the insurance agent exactly what the policy offers beyond what you already have. Often there are additional financial benefits even if there is coverage from the kupah, or circumstances that are not included in the kupah’s coverage. There may also be additional choices in treatment that the policy covers. Only the agent can answer these questions with regard to your policy. Also, remember that in order to take advantage of any benefits from your policy you will need to be familiar with the benefits and to communicate well with the agent. You can contact an AACI Klitah Counselor for further guidance, and perhaps a recommendation for an Anlglo friendly insurance agent. Behatzlachah!

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