Information in English for people with disabilities!

Thousands of Israelis have disabilities of various types including physical, emotional and intellectual disabilities. Many of these people and their families are entitled to a wide range of services, benefits and support of which they might not be aware.


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As part of our on-going collaboration with Kol-Zchut, we are proud to have translated and published a comprehensive portal in English for people with disabilities. For more information including details and links related to accessibility, employment, housing, military service, relevant benefits and more, check out:

The People with Disabilities Portal



We offer these resources, along with hundreds of pages of other Israeli healthcare-related content for free to Israel’s English-speaking population.

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The Shira Pransky Project (SPP) was founded to help English speakers in Israel better navigate the Israeli healthcare system and make use of the rights and services that are out there.

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4 thoughts on “People with Disabilities

  1. Shalom,

    I am someone with a learning disability and a bad back. What disability help is there to help me regarding services and employment help?


    Jacob Golan

  2. Our young adult daughter has a severe cardio-pulmonary disease from which she has suffered for the past ten years. She had been well managed. However, despite repeatedly telling her doctors over the course of last year (three times she told them) that she felt she needed to have her medication adjusted, her request was ignored resulting in a severe series of pulmonary haemorrhage over the course of three months. She has been unable to recover her stamina and her breathing continues to be impaired, where it was not before the incident. We are having great difficulty getting her doctors to pay attention to her, to listen to her, and to help her. Language is an issue at times, but her doctors speak English quite well. How do we get the doctors to help our daughter?

    • Hi Elisheva, There are a number of organizations that offer personal advocacy for patients facing problems in the healthcare system. Two such organizations are Magen Lacholeh and Ezra LeMarpe. If you feel your legal rights are being violated, there are also a number of organizations offering free legal aid. Please let us know if you need any more advice or support.

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