Engaging Israeli Health and Support Organizations

AACI’s Shira Pransky Project has a simple and powerful program for engaging Israeli health and support related organizations in collaborative partnerships. We offer free translations of certain relevant material, incorporate English speaking volunteers into their programs, and help assess and expand the general English accessibility of the invaluable work that these organizations do.


Way too often the only English content you will find on an Israeli organization’s website is a donation page and other fundraising focused materials. The same goes for print materials. Sometimes, simply by engaging these organizations they wake up to the need to address and assist the English speaking community as they do other immigrant populations. 

We do not offer free translations or services for fundraising or other promotional activities. When an organization contacts us, we analyse the most useful and efficient way to increase their English accessibility which most often boils down to translating basic information about the organization and its services, and additional content of particular use to the organization’s target population, such as information about clinics or services in Israel dedicated to a particular disorder.

This initial stage always develops in a way that is unique to the needs of each individual organization, and forms the basis of an ongoing relationship of assistance in English accessibility.

Our largest undertaking with regard to translating useful materials previously only available in Hebrew is our collaborative efforts with the Kol-Zchut organization. As part of this project, we have translated hundreds of pages of content related to healthcare rights and services. Click here to learn more about this collaborative undertaking. 

Getting English Speakers Involved

We also find ways to incorporate English speakers into an organization’s programs. We find volunteers to help with English content management and website updating and then we also see if they have volunteer programs for any of their activities to promote direct involvement from the English speaking community. Our database of volunteers is growing, allowing us to simply distribute descriptions of particular initiatives that they can get involved in.

Involving native English speakers in an organization’s internal activities, bringing them into an organization’s family, provides both extra help relating to English speakers, and a channel for promoting the interests of the community from inside an organization.

Content Distribution

Practically all of the materials that we translate for free become our own content resource, for incorporating into our information repository, or distributing it as we see fit. Getting useful information out there to any possible destination for English speakers looking for assistance truly expands the general level of familiarity and accessibility of rights and opportunities.

We are simplifying the sharing and updating process for any organization we work with, so that they have easy access to even more content than they started with for helping the English speaking population that turns to them. They can redistribute content that we have created or collected from elsewhere to their unique populations, expanding the horizons of these populations in need with greater awareness.

What about AACI and Nefesh B’Nefesh?

Of course, there are some organizations out there simply dedicated to assisting olim, and not limited to the health and support sector. As many English speakers turn to them for guidance and education on integrating in Israel, redistributing useful content to these organizations is another form of collaboration that has tremendous impact potential. As part of AACI, we provide the klitah counselors with valuable updated and relevant health-related information, and share our resources with other general aliyah support organizations, such as Nefesh B’Nefesh, as well. 

2 thoughts on “Our Collaboration Program

  1. I made aliyah 2.5 years ago. I am 54 years old. I am also severely to profoundly deaf. I wear hearing aids, and I CAN use the phone – albeit with a lot of difficulty. Imagine, if I have difficulty using the phone in ENGLISH which is my native language, how much more so it is in HEBREW. I have the fortune of having participated in a nine month ulpan back in 1977-78 when I was here for two years post high school. I was much younger with a better capacity for learning, and my hearing was slightly better back then (slightly better or worse when you already have a severe to profound loss is a HUGE deal!). I am thrilled that for the most part, I am able to manage to make appointments with most of my doctors via either the online reservation system the Maccabi, my kuppah, has implemented, or via email. If I am able to procure the email address of a particular doctor whom I wish to see, I can email them, with my TZ number, explain the difficulty I have in setting an appt over the phone and ask them to please ask their secretary to email me with an appt. Most doctors are very nice and willingly comply. But still, there are plenty of times when such convenience does not exist for me… and then I run into trouble. For instance, I need to set up an appt for an MRI. No online set up, no email address, I have no choice but to try and call. I am a widow. I have NO ONE ELSE living with me who can make the call for me. THIS is the kind of help I am seeking. Does that exist anywhere???

    Thank you,

    Rachel Stern

    • Hi Rachel, Thanks for sharing your story, it is inspiring to hear that you have been able to manage for the most part. Sorry to hear about the issue with making an MRI appt. I spoke with a Maccabi representative who informed me that MRI appointments are always done through your primary care doctor who refers you for the MRI, and therefore there is no need for you to make the appointment. On a side note, if you have a smartphone, you can also try the Maccabi app, which enables making appts. The website for the app is here: http://www.maccabi4u.co.il/5466-he/Maccabi.aspx. I will email you this information, as well.

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