The Shira Pransky Project is happy to pass along the following announcement from Kesher– The Home for Special Families:

Kesher-The Home for Special Families

In honor of the New Year, Kesher– The Home for Special Families, is thrilled to announce the establishment of an innovative Virtual Community for English speaking families of children with special needs!

Kesher is a leading organization inIsrael that works to create informed, empowered, and motivated families of children with special needs. We strive towards significant social change through advocacy, developmen

Our new Virtual Community, based off of a highly successful pre-existing model for Hebrew speakers, will offer English speaking families the opportunity to serve as participatory members of a large and diverse community of special families in Israel, comprised of Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian speaking members.t, and social service programs.

Virtual Community participants are offered:

  • Regular email updates concerning, benefits, legislation, new services, conferences, lectures and more.
  • The opportunity to participate in all other Kesher activities including:
    • Lectures and Workshops for Families
    • Training for Parents and Professionals
    • Information and guidance from our Information Center: 1-700-501-601 (
    • Access to our ‘Connecting Parents’ Portal (

Together, we will not stand alone.

Together, we will work to realize equal rights.

Together, we will strengthen and support each other.

And together, we will constitute an empowered part of Israeli society.

Kesher invites you to join in our family, and ask that you forward this information to all relevant families and professionals.

For more information, or to join our Resource Center please contact us:

 Alana Ebin, Anglo Communities Coordinator

Telephone: 02-6236116

Fax: 02-6246390

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  1. Shalom i have a family of 5, 2 kids special needs one of them is in a wheel chair. I am looking for a city that has the best medical and educational services for special needs kids. Also if the city could be affordable thank you very much.

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