It’s important to understand your kupat cholim. Getting familiar with your kupat cholim’s services and how to use them can save you time and money, or possibly make a difference in more important ways. Below are the links to the English sites for each Kupat Cholim, and you can also see our “Forms and Files” page to browse and download the English brochures and regulations that they have produced. Take a few moments to browse, and don’t stop until you’ve found out something you didn’t know:


Very simple sidebar navigation for English descriptions of all Meuhedet’s services, including PDF versions of their English pamphlets on supplemental insurance services and regulations.


Also simple navigation for good English descriptions, and downloadable PDFs. Plus, a handy summary of major points in the National Health Law.


Top navigation bar with drop down menus so it’s easy to navigate to very specific descriptions of services.


Definitely the weakest English portal of the pack. Short lackluster descriptions and summaries of services. Tip- If you don’t see the sidebar navigation, try a different browser.

8 thoughts on “English Websites and Publications for Each Kupat Cholim

  1. My kupat cholim is Maccabi and I have Magen Zehav supplemental. They used to publish a “madrich”, giving names, etc. of all doctors in the plan, including location and contact information. They no longer do this, not even in Hebrew. How can I get this information from their website? In particular, I am looking for a urogynecologist near my home in Netanya. Does the Shira Pransky Project provide translation service to help English speakers navigate the website? Thank you!

    • Hi Linda,
      Thankyou for your question, they now have this information available via Maccabi online – you can search for Drs via a geographical location, and specialty. You can call Maccabi on 1700 505 353, and they can email you the relevant specialist.
      We have recently posted some information videos on how to access your Kupah’s website. see here

      Best of Luck,

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank-you for your inquiry. You do not need a new referral for follow-up visits as referrals do not have and expiry date – if you are seeing the same specialist for a different or ‘new’ issue you would need a new referral.
      I hope this helped you.

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