The Ministry of Health has announced that Colgate toothpaste manufactured in China and Thailand has been found being sold in East Jerusalem without Ministry of Health approval nor Hebrew labeling as required by law. Consumers are advised to not use this toothpaste as its ingredients and safety are questionable and the public is requested to report any toothpaste of this kind to the Ministry of Health. Click here to see pictures of the toothpaste in question.

Always look for the Ministry of Health seal and Hebrew labeling on products. You can also search the Ministry of Health’s Cosmetics Database to see if a product is under supervision and to find out other manufacturer information.

For more information call the Ministry of Health’s Health Voice call center: *5400.

2 thoughts on “Illicit Colgate toothpaste being sold in Jerusalem

  1. Good morning,

    I have had a bad reaction to a Colgate toothpaste that I bought about 10 days ago in Hadera.

    How can I check if it is an original Colgate or not.
    On the tube there is nothing written in Hebrew from the ministry of health.

    With thanks,


    • Hi Dena, You can click on the “Ministry of Health’s Cosmetics Database” link above and look it up that way by typing “Colgate” into the field next to “:שם”. You will then have to look through the listings to find your exact type of toothpaste. You can also call the Ministry of Health’s Health Voice call center: *5400.

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