About this Benefit

All of the kupot cholim (health plans) offer home care services to patients who can’t get all of the medical services they need due to difficulty leaving the home. A full range of medical services are provided with home visits from doctors, nurses, and social workers, as well as paramedical providers, like physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and others.

Who is Entitled

Home care services are intended for patients who are confined to their homes temporarily or permanently due to their medical/physical condition and are not able to receive services in the kupat cholim branches.  For Example: 

  • Patients with chronic illness
  • Patients returning home after hospitalization
  • Oncology patients
  • The elderly

How to Get it

Individuals may be referred to the Home Care Unit (יחידה לטיפול בית or יחידה להמשך טיפול)  by hospital staff, a family doctor, local social services or by contacting the unit directly. Contact information can be obtained from your local branch secretary or your kupat cholim’s information hotline.

Cancer patients may be entitled to additional home care through the Israel Cancer Association. Click here for more information.



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10 thoughts on “Home Care from the Kupat Cholim

  1. I was wondering if I was eligible for home health care after oncological surgery if I am not a senior? ( 55)


    • Hi Sue, You should certainly be eligible and need a referral from your doctor for your kupah’s home health care unit, so the details on this page are relevant for you.

      Please let us know if you need anything else.

  2. We have Macabbi seudi and I am trying to get help in the hospital taking care of my husband at night. He is already 75% nechut. I have been told I am not eligible at the hospital only when he gets home.

    • Hi Renee, Long-Term Care (Siudi) insurance is a form of private insurance, even if it is sold through your kupah. Coverage is thus dependent on the condition specified in your policy. It’s impossible to give you sound advice without knowing your husband’s specific conditions and the conditions of your policy. Nonetheless, you should contact a social worker in the hospital/department who may be able to give you some assistance and advice based on your specific situation. Once he is home, he will also be entitled to assistance from the kupah’s home care unit, and you may look into eligibility for a Bituach Leumi Long-Term Care Benefit, information about which we have provided here: http://www.kolzchut.org.il/en/Long-Term_Care_Benefit.

  3. I have C.M.L chronic leukemia how do I go abbot it ? I am also alone ,no one is wish me
    Thank you

    • Hi Elie, You should contact your kupah social worker, and ask any of your doctors to refer you to the home care unit of the kupah for your needs. You should also check out our Guide for Cancer Patients which has a lot more information about rights, benefits and services of which you might not be aware. Best wishes.

  4. Hi–and thanks for this wonderful resource… I had an idea– it might be helpful to have the transliterated Hebrew name of services (ie Home Care Unit) to help have the needed conversations… Perhaps volunteers would help translate to other languages– certainly Arabic, along with Amaharic,Russian and French…best wishes!

    • Hi Frances, Thanks for the support and great idea!
      יחידה לטיפול בית – Yekhida l’tipul bayit (lit. Unit for Care Home)
      יחידה להמשך טיפול – Yekhida l’hemshekh tipul (lit. Unit for Continuation [of] Treatment)

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