Kupat Cholim

Eligibility for anyone who is insured

Anyone who is insured by a Kupat Cholim is eligible for a Kupat Cholim contribution towards the purchase of a hearing device.

Accurate as of August 2010, the Kupat Cholim contribution is a total of 851 NIS per year per ear.

Eligibility for those who are age 65 and above

The Kupat Cholim contribution is a total of 3,000 NIS towards a device for each ear, once every three years.

Eligibility for Additional Health Services (Shaban)

The Kupat Cholim’s Supplementary Health Services (Shaban) include an additional contribution towards the purchase of hearing devices and it is recommended to clarify this eligibility with the Kupat Cholim.

Misrad Habriut

Children under the age of 18

Children with hearing impairments are entitled to a contribution from the Misrad Habriut towards the purchase of a hearing device.

Cochlear Implant

Cochlear implant surgery is included in the health basket for children and adults.

Additionally, maintenance and care of wear to the cochlear implant, including the battery, is included in the basket.

Assistance in the educational system for students with hearing impairments

Student with hearing impairments are entitled to receive assistance in the educational system.

The following services are included:

  • Training and instruction for the school integrating the student, as well as instruction for the classmates, if required.
  • Preparing the school classroom acoustically.
  • Integration plan according to the integration committee decision.
  • Additional tutoring / speech therapy sessions.
  • Different diagnostic testing.
  • Unique programs suited for students with hearing impairments.
  • Accommodation in school examinations and matriculation examinations.
  • Borrowing of amplifier devices.
  • Training and advising for parents; individual support.

This information was translated and adapted from content provided by The Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel.

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  1. bs’d

    Israel Association for the Hard of Hearing has a very pleasant and attentive staff. I believe that their cost for hearing aids (not all brands) and service visits are among the lowest in Jerusalem. My technician there is Devorah. Office: Strauss, 24. (02) 635-6452.

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