There are plenty of ways that the Shira Pransky Project could use your help promoting English accessibility in Israeli Healthcare and support. Here are just a few opportunities:



Join our volunteer database

We are always expanding our database of volunteers interested in working directly with Israeli health organizations specifically in English content management such as proofreading/editing and updating website content. You will not necessarily be placed immediately, but added to a database to call on as opportunities arise. Please email to join!

Submit, Edit, Curate or Distribute Useful Content

Volunteers interested in submitting content that is useful to the English speaking community in Israel should take a look at our Contributed Content Guidelines, and email us. You can also volunteer to help edit, curate and distribute useful information.

Communities, Social Media and Cool Tools

Please follow, join, like, share, and participate on Facebook and Twitter. You can also volunteer to help manage these various communities and expand our reach and cater specific activities and participation to this wide world of ever expanding tools and resources for spreading awareness. For the even more industrious, you can help us explore and develop even more cool tools like Prezi, Slideshare, and YouTube for spreading awareness, or more social networking, like Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumbler, Linkedin, etc. Please email

Help Engage Israeli Health Organizations

Our offer of free translations and other services is a standing open invitation to fitting Israeli health organizations. So if you know of, or are involved in any such organizations, feel free to have them email us.

In general…

Writers, editors, health care professionals, government officials, graphic designers, social workers, PR experts, social media experts, resource development experts (if you know what that means, you are one), web developers, chocolatiers, babysitters, um… well, if you do or know something that can help us achieve our goals, please contact us and let us know you’re out there, eager to help. You are cordially invited to help make life a little more secure, and a little less frustrating for English speakers in Israel (and those on their way too).


2 thoughts on “Get Involved!

  1. I want to say thank you- thank you- and much thanks for your Shira Pransky Project emails.

    The emails and especially up-to-date urls (websites) are on target and key with the Shira Pransky Project. Not just only is there disseminating information, but providing applicable and important accurate information for those like us making Aliyah soon.

    • Thanks for the support and spread the word to anyone who might be helped by our resources like you have been!

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