The Shira Pransky Project accepts informative factual articles, as well as opinion and advice pieces, relevant to the English speaking population in Israel on topics in the fields of healthcare and social services for medical patients. Please contact us with a proposal before submitting an article.


Content presented by The Shira Pransky Project should be clear, concise, and constructive in nature. In order to keep in line with our goal of helping the community, the tone should not be overly critical, and criticism should be paired with proposed solutions or advice. While negative realities should not be denied or ignored, their presentation should be within a constructive context.

Our primary focus is accessibility of health rights and social services. Only recognized medical professionals are qualified to give medical advice. When it is necessary to recount medical information, greatest credence is given to the general consensus among medical professionals. Alternative health perspectives are not promoted and are only relevant in as much as they relate to patient rights and benefits.

Terms & Conditions

Opinions represented in submitted content are the author’s own, and do not necessarily represent the views of The Shira Pransky Project.

Any author submitting an article that has already been published is responsible for any exclusivity agreements with other publishing platforms. Submitted content need not be exclusive to The Shira Pransky Project but we do request notification if republished elsewhere.

Authors are encouraged to submit short bios, in which links to private websites and ventures may be appropriate if deemed acceptable by The Shira Pransky Project.

Representatives from companies and organizations are welcome to submit articles with information that is relevant to our audience and consistent with our goals. Full disclosure of relationship to the represented body is required, and submitted content should be informative in nature, without solicitation. Links to external websites are acceptable and even encouraged as long as their utility is apparent.

Submitted content is the property of The Shira Pransky Project and given over completely to the editors for assessment and alteration. Editorial changes to articles for the sake of clarity and/or informational effectiveness will be made and published without prior approval from the author. Significant changes to the character of the piece made by the editors will either be published unattributed, or will be returned to the author for (timely) approval.

An author who would like to remove attribution on an article after publication, or would like to be credited on an unattributed article, can submit the request to the discretion of the The Shira Pransky Project editorial staff. Parts of submitted content may be reused and redacted in other articles without consent or attribution to the original author.


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