This page contains some basic yet necessary resources for navigating the Israeli healthcare system including some useful resources in PDF format such has health plan brochures, which can be easily viewed, downloaded and printed, as well as links to many forms you might need in order to claim rights, benefits or services. Please note that all of the PDF resources included on this page are in English, though many of the forms are only available in Hebrew.

PDF Resources

While all of the documents here should be in their most updated form, they are not all necessarily up-to-date, as English content is usually not a top priority for the organizations that produce them. They should therefore only be used as general guides and not the ultimate authority on any issue.

Kupot Cholim (Health Funds)

Clalit Health Services

Leumit Health Fund

Maccabi Healthcare Services

Meuhedet Health Services

The Shira Pransky Project and Other Support/Assistance Organizations

Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute)

Misrad HaBriut  (Ministry of Health)

Misrad HaKlitah (Ministry of Immigrant Absorption)

Misrad HaOtzar (Ministry of Finance)


We have tried to only include the most updated versions of all documents. The fact that some are years old is simply indication that production of materials in English is not a top priority for the kupot cholim, government ministries and other organizations. If you come across any materials that you think should be added to this page or a more up-to-date version of any of the documents appearing here, please let us know:


The forms linked to on this page are from a variety of governmental and non-governmental bodies. We link to external sites in order to better ensure that the form versions and links are as up-to-date as possible.

Please contact us if you have trouble finding a specific form, if there’s a form we should add to this section, or if  you do not have anyone who can help you fill out the form or document you need:


To Your Health ! לבריאות

8 thoughts on “Forms and Files

  1. Just a note to say thank you for this treasure chest of important information that I know Olim need and will use faithfully. Thank you.

  2. My husband and I made aliyah in 1975. Life was pretty simple back then. Today you need a PHD just to understand your basic rights! Thank you, thank you for this AMAZING site. It’s a Godsend for any English speaker.

    • Thanks for the support, Paula! We are glad you find the information useful. Please spread the word!

  3. It is very interesting.
    Does the same exist in french, or a phone number for french speaking?

    Thank you

    • Hi Claude, I hope you find our information usable and useful. For assistance in French, you should probably contact AMI, an organization dedicated to helping French-speaking olim: Let us know if you need anything else.

    • Unfortunately -or not- and as far as I searched, I did not find any israeli information site for french speaking cancer patients, then CML is so specific that it is difficult to count ourselves. Even at the israel Cancer Association there is not french speaking relay.

      This french presence is a real work to do for those who can give time and energy to the cause.
      Otherwise, you can find more specific nformation on the french site, but it will not help you with israeli procedures.
      Feel free to contact me, may it can be of some help
      Kind regards

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