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Simcha Layeled

02-6527007, 02-6511627

Simcha Layeled is a nonprofit organization established in 2004 to help sick children and their families, with an emphasis on personal support of children through the process of hospitalization and rehabilitation, and construction of a social environment for children.Various association activities provide an answer to a wide range of needs for children and their families. Together they replace pain with a smile! 

Simcha Layeled believes that for children with chronic illnesses or disabilities, the combination of personal interaction and social and emotional tools will facilitate the development into mature adults. And as these children develop they will also fully utilize their inherent personal potential, easing their integration into Israeli society and preparing them to contribute significantly to this society during their adulthood.


Our goal for ourselves as an organization is to improve the life quality of children and adolescents suffering from disease. We aim to maximize the positive qualities of  children in a warm and enabling environment of peers sharing their life experience. Overall this creates valuable moments of joy, happiness and respite from the daily struggle of disease.


What Simcha Layeled offers:

  • Big brother/Big sister program
  • Camps and trips
  • Hospital activities
  • Familial Dysautonomia forum
  • Family support


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