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The MARAP Clinic – Law, Medicine and Psychiatry

The MARAP Clinic – Law, Medicine and Psychiatry
Main Phone: 1-800-550-555
104 Zahal St., Kiryat Ono 55000 Israel

The MARAP Clinic – Law, Medicine and Psychiatry at the Ono Academic College was established for purposes of social justice with the goal of promoting the rights of families dealing with rehabilitation related to mental health and helping them claim those rights.

Those who request assistance from the clinic receive guidance, as well as legal aid and representation by a lawyer accompanied by law students all at no cost.

The clinic provides assistance related to the following topics: medical committees and National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) rights and entitlements, debts (writs of execution), living wills in accordance with the Terminally Ill Patient’s Law, education and employment rights, issuing custody/guardianship orders and requests to cancel/limit them due to violation of autonomy, handling opposition to custody/guardianship orders and requests to change the appointment of a guardian.



Some information taken from the Kol-Zchut website.


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