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Israel National Council for the Child

Israel National Council for the Child
Israel National Council for the Child, Haruv Children's Campus
Hebrew University Mt. Scopus, POB 24100, Jerusalem 9190501 Israel

Established in 1980, the National Council for the Child is the oldest and largest organization of its kind in Israel.

Representing the rights of all Israeli children, including Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, sick and healthy, immigrants and native born Israelis, the NCC operates on several complementary fronts as it seeks change in legislation, policy, and practice.

Dealing with a enormous spectrum of issues concerning education, health, children at risk, abuse, delinquency, legislation, media and consumerism,the NCC has succeeded in making real changes in the lives of thousands of children of all walks of life.

The NCC has succeeded in promoting the issue of children’s rights to a central place on the country’s national agenda; has made significant achievements for the general population of Israeli children through changes in policy, legislation and greater public awareness; and has achieved significant results for individual children through the operation of innovative programs.

The NCC serves as both an advocacy organization that operates a legal center, research center and educational center and at the same time provides a variety of innovative grass roots programs that reach the home, schools and the streets.

The NCC takes an integrated approach toward achieving its goals through the operation of four major complementary departments: The Ombudsman for Children and YouthThe Center for the Child and the LawThe Education Center and the Center for Research and Development.


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