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Lilach – Israel Society to Live and Die with Dignity

Lilach – Israel Society to Live and Die with Dignity

Lilach – Israel Society to Live and Die with Dignity works to protect the human dignity and prevent the suffering of patients who are dying.

The organization fights for legislative, legal and civil recognition of the right to live and die with dignity, which means avoiding the artificial extension of life for a terminally-ill individual who is against it.

The organization does not promote or support active euthanasia. 

Activities of the organization:

  • Activity in the Knesset to promote legislation which properly defines the rights of those who are dying
  • Arranging conferences and lectures for doctors, nurses, social workers, lawyers, academics and students
  • Providing information for the general public
  • Disseminating living will forms for members and informing the public about the Ministry of Health’s living will form and procedures
  • Providing a member’s living will to the hospital when appropriate
  • Publishing the organization’s journal
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