Rights for Psoriasis Patients


Maximum stay period – 30 days per year.

Contribution for each day in a hotel – Up to 207 NIS per day, or as updated from time to time and in any event, no more than 70% of the actual expense.

Apartmentrental – Someone who is insured and is not interested in staying in a hotel is eligible for a health plan contribution towards an apartment rental according to the conditions detailed above (207 NIS per day and not more than 30 days per year).

Chaperone for a minor – An insured psoriasis patient below the age of 18 is entitled, in addition to that which is listed above, to health plan contribution funding of the escort, at a rate of 50% of that which was determined for the patient.

Entrance to solarium pools – For entrance to solarium complexes, the insured patient is entitled to a reimbursement of 80% of the expense and up to 44 NIS for entrance fees with a maximum of 30 entrances per year.

UVB/UVA Phototherapy or PUVA Photochemotherapy:


  • An insured psoriasis patient   is entitled to undergo PUVA treatments in an approved health plan institution for 4 months per year with a dermatologist recommendation.
  • Health plan contribution towards treatment is for a stay at the Dead Sea or PUVA treatments. Patients are not entitled to receive both types of treatment in the same calendar year.
  • Use is given to insured patients suffering severely and extensively from one of the following diseases:


    • Psoriasis
    • Mycosis
    • Fungoides (cutaneous lymphoma)
    • Dermatitis
    • Severe atypical – extensive pruritus, ancillary to a liver or biliary tract disease
    • Anti-host implant reaction


Vitiligo patients – Eligibility for maximum one time coverage of 40 treatments.


This information was translated and adapted from content provided by The Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel.