Disabled Parking Placard



All of the information about the Misrad Harishui’s Disabled Parking Placard is available in Hebrew on the Misrad Harishui website. The following is a summary of the major details:

An individual need not be part of Bituach Leumi’s general disability program to be eligible for a Disabled Parking Placard.




The following individuals are entitled to a disabled parking placard:

  • A person who, due to disability in his legs, requires a vehicle for transportation.
  • A person with a degree of disability of at least 60%, for whom transportation without a vehicle may cause a deterioration in health.
  • A disabled person requiring a wheelchair for mobility.

Degree of disability and health risk is established based on submitted documentation, including a doctor’s letter explaining mobility limitations or risks.


Submitting the Claim


The claim for the Disabled Parking Placard is available on the Misrad Harishui website. It is a very simple single page request, but it must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. a copy of the car registration
  2. a copy of the applicant’s Teudat Zehut + insert
  3. a doctor’s letter and medical documentation relating specifically to mobility

If the individual requesting the parking tag is not the vehicle owner then more documentation is required, such as copies of the owner’s identification establishing immediate family relation, or an affidavit from a lawyer establishing a non-relative’s relationship to the applicant, or other documents for leased or employer vehicles.


Mail Only


Applications should be mailed to:

יחידה לטיפול במוגבלי ניידות

ת.ד. 72 חולון, 58100

It can take up to 90 days to process an application.


Multiple Vehicles


With the proper documentation a parking placard may be issued for multiple vehicles. In this case, one placard will be issued with the identification numbers of each vehicle to which it applies. The placard can then be placed in whichever vehicle is being used by the disabled at the time.


Registration Fee Discount


Individuals with a Disabled Parking Placard are also entitled to a significant discount on the vehicle’s registration fee. In order to receive a refund on a registration fee that has already been paid, one must submit this request along with a blank (unsigned) check from the bank account in which the refund will be deposited directly by the Misrad Harishui.


Additional Details


There are many additional benefits to having a Disabled Parking Placard besides being able to park in designated parking spots. The full regulations are sent with the placard.

It should also be noted that a few years ago the Misrad Harishui redesigned the placard to the size of a credit card, which must be displayed prominently in the front window of the car. Therefore, along with the card, they send a card holder.