Note:This information is intended to aid interactions with qualified social workers and other assistance professionals.

Disability applies to a person whose earning capacity, or household function as a homemaker, is significantly reduced due to disability. Children and individuals above the retirement age are not eligible for general disability, and should refer to the respective programs for their circumstances (such as Child Disability or Old Age Pension).
All of the details of Bituach Leumi’s General Disability program are available in English on the Bituach Leumi website. The following is a summary of the major details:

Establishing Disability Percentages

Pension rates and other benefits are based on two percentages:

Degree of medical disability: The applicant is examined by a medical committee at Bituach Leumi, except in certain cases when submitted documentation is sufficient, or a doctor will come to the patient.
Degree of incapacity to earn or to function in the household: A claims officer then establishes a second percentage to reflect the consequences of the specified conditions on the individual’s capacity to earn or function in the household.

Both the established percentage of medical disability and the degree of incapacity can be appealed.

Pension Rates

Partial Pension: starts at a 60% incapacity
Full Pension: starts at 75% incapacity (NIS 2,210 as of 01.01.2011)
Additional Increments: added for dependents


While the pension may be reduced or replaced with an incentive pension, the total amount that a person will receive from the pension and employment will always be higher than the amount of the pension alone. An individual can also continue to receive fringe benefits such as discounts on municipal taxes, public transportation and rent assistance, in accordance with the rules established by the organizations that provide the benefits.

Submitting the Claim

Assistance from a medical social worker, or others familiar with the process, can be very useful in preparing the forms and accompanying documents, which include:

  • The claim form available on the Bituach Leumi website, from a medical social worker, or from Bituach Leumi offices
  • Medical documentation from the Kupat Cholim detailing chronic conditions, treatments and medications
  • Diagnostic summaries (and any other medical support for the claim)
  • Certification of employment and salary, if applicable

Start of Entitlement

Entitlement to a pension begins 90 days after the onset of the medical conditions that are responsible for the disability, regardless of when the claim is submitted, but the pension can only be paid retroactively for up to a year.

Additional Benefits

The other Bituach Leumi programs and benefits from other government institutions are discussed separately; however, the following additional benefits are highlighted specifically along with the disability program:

Vocational Rehabilitation

Individuals with a medical disability of at least 20% are also entitled to vocational rehabilitation, which includes reimbursement of tuition fees and other expenses, even if their percentage of incapacity does not qualify them for a pension. Accessibility services for those with severe disabilities that limit access to studies and to work, and job placement services that specialize in placing people with disabilities, are also available.

Disability Certificate

All recipients of a disability pension receive a disability certificate by mail that enables one to receive discounts from various bodies, such as entrance fees to private and public institutions, as determined by the bodies that grant them.

Grant Following Decease

The spouse or child of a deceased recipient of disability pension is entitled to a one-time grant (NIS 8,260 as of 01.01.2011) upon submitting a claim within 12 months. The survivors may also claim up to six months of uncollected pension retroactively.

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  1. my husband is disabled and receives help for his aid thru melabev. It is mentioned above that there is some sort of certificate showing he is registered with bituch leumi as disabled I was told by mei shemesh water company that there are discounts for the disabled, however when she looked him up on your website she could not find him listed. He does have an aid and does receive some help towards her so he should be listed. How can I get the proper proof for mei shemesh water company thank you
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