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This page contains some basic yet necessary resources for navigating the Israeli healthcare system including some useful resources in PDF format such has health plan brochures, which can be easily viewed, downloaded and printed, as well as links to many forms you might need in order to claim rights, benefits or services. Please note that all of the PDF resources included on this page are in English, though many of the forms are only available in Hebrew.

PDF Resources

While all of the documents here should be in their most updated form, they are not all necessarily up-to-date, as English content is usually not a top priority for the organizations that produce them. They should therefore only be used as general guides and not the ultimate authority on any issue.

Kupot Cholim (Health Funds)

Clalit Health Services

Leumit Health Fund

Maccabi Healthcare Services

Meuhedet Health Services

The Shira Pransky Project and Other Support/Assistance Organizations

Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute)

Misrad HaBriut  (Ministry of Health)

Misrad HaKlitah (Ministry of Immigrant Absorption)

Misrad HaOtzar (Ministry of Finance)


We have tried to only include the most updated versions of all documents. The fact that some are years old is simply indication that production of materials in English is not a top priority for the kupot cholim, government ministries and other organizations. If you come across any materials that you think should be added to this page or a more up-to-date version of any of the documents appearing here, please let us know:


The forms linked to on this page are from a variety of governmental and non-governmental bodies. We link to external sites in order to better ensure that the form versions and links are as up-to-date as possible.

Please contact us if you have trouble finding a specific form, if there’s a form we should add to this section, or if  you do not have anyone who can help you fill out the form or document you need:


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What You Should Know When Waiving Medical Confidentiality

  • Patient consent must always be obtained in advance whenever medical confidentiality is compromised (except in specific cases detailed in the law).
  • This consent is provided by the patient in the form of a Written Medical Confidentiality Waiver (ויתור על סודיות רפואית), also known as a “Vasar” (וס”ר).
  • A Vasar may be required for a variety of reasons such as certain medical procedures or enrollment in a new insurance plan.

Always read the waiver carefully and know that you can limit its scope, as standard waivers often mean that:

  • The signer waives his/her right to medical confidentiality without a time limit;
  • There is no nominal limit on who is permitted to view the information and therefore any employee of the organization that receives the information can view the medical file sent to the organization;
  • The party that receives the “Written Medical Confidentiality Waiver” can view all of the signer’s medical records whether they are relevant or not to the claim/issue at hand.

You should always limit the waiver’s scope in any and all of the following ways whenever possible:

  1. Limit the topic/purpose of the waiver – Is there need for a general confidentiality waiver which is a waiver including all medical issues, or is a limited waiver possible (for a specific medical topic and/or for specific purpose)?

  2. Limit the period in which the waiver will be effective – It is important that a confidentiality waiver will be time-limited (for example, until a specific date or until the conclusion of the task for which the medical confidentiality waiver is required).

  3. Give limited authorization for transfer of information to a specific individual or position holder – If it is possible to limit the authorization as such that the waiver will only be valid for a specific individual or position holder and not for an entire body, authority or company, because then the waiver is valid for everyone in that body (for example, regarding an insurance company, it is important to ensure that the confidentiality waiver will only be valid for doctors, lawyers or specific people/position holders that work for the insurance company).


For more information, check out our page on Patient Privacy, as well as some related pages we have translated as part of our collaboration with Kol-Zchut:



Health-Related Workers’ Rights in English!

Finally, easy access to clear info in English about health-related workers’ rights!

Ever wondered…


As part of our on-going collaboration with Kol-Zchut, we are proud to have translated and published an accessible and comprehensive portal in English about sick pay, sick days, and other health-related workers’ rights:

The Health-Related Employee Rights Portal


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