New Horizons for The Shira Pransky Project with AACI!

The Shira Pransky project is proud to announce that we have united with the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel to join their klitah (absorption) programming!

We will be providing content support for AACI’s klitah counselors, keeping their info up to date, sharing new resources on health-related rights, and doing research for specific questions and cases. Together we will also build on the awareness initiatives about rights and benefits that both organizations have always sought to bring to the English speaking public.

The SPP will continue helping Israeli health-related NGOs become more English accessible at our new home in the AACI Glassman Center, but these translation and editing projects, and efforts advocating for the needs of the English speaking community to our Israeli partners, will now be more informed and focused by feedback from the AACI counselors about recurring issues among English speakers.

We also gain a very large promotional network for spreading awareness. AACI has around 30,000 members and multiple publishing channels. With this greater voice we can expand our efforts to reach the public with essential information and resources on navigating Israeli healthcare and support systems.

It is only natural that SPP is joining forces with an organization that has served the community that we aim to serve for over 60 years. To have the opportunity to build on their efforts and be bolstered ourselves is both humbling and exciting!

In the coming weeks, expect to see some changes to our website reflecting our transition. However, please remember that despite many changes we continue to depend on you, our supporters, for funding to continue our activities. Please consider making a contribution right now to support both our ongoing and new efforts!

Recent Israeli Healthcare News

We like to keep track of Israeli healthcare news at The Shira Pransky Project, and often share articles on our Facebook page (please Like!). Well, we’ve been a little distracted recently because of some very exciting news of our own that we’ll be sharing very soon in this space. Until then, here’s a roundup of some interesting pieces from the past month, in case you missed them:

Money, Money, Money…

Israel’s doctors threaten strike over budget cuts

State hospitals’ income from medical tourism up 220% since 2010

Economist urges gov’t to up public medicine funds

Amid dearth of hospital staff, Israel’s medical students to assist doctors

… and Politics

Health minister to decide on Meuhedet chief’s firing

הוקמה ועדה לשיקום הרפואה הציבורית בישראל (Bone up on your Hebrew while you read about big plans to revamp public health.)

גרמן לא מתקפלת: ההפלרה מסוכנת – והיא תופסק (Just one more dose of the national tongue, and you can get to know our new Health minister, Yael German, and her crusade against fluoridated water.) 

Look on the Bright Side

Mortality rate from heart attacks down 50 percent in 10 years among Israelis

International Interest

Healthy doctors make healthy patients, study finds

Israel Holds First TED MED Conference Outside US

What Boston Hospitals Learned From Israel