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The Shira Pransky Project once again has an inspiring team running the 10k, half and full Jerusalem Marathon on March 1st 2013! Please consider sponsoring our runners to support our invaluable work making the health and support system in Israel more English accessible. You can sponsor the team in general by using the donation widget to the right, or click on the name of the specific runner you would like to sponsor below to go to their page on Razoo. Also, please consider using the option to make a recurring donation to show even more ongoing support of our cause!

Note: These donations are tax deductible in the USA and 100% of the funds received by our fiscal sponsor, The Central Fund of Israel, are transferred to our Israeli non-profit, The Shira Pransky Foundation. For alternative options to donate, please see our Donation Page.

 10k Runners

Joani Davidovich
Ayelet Perlson
Gabe Pransky
Jodi Stender
Yaakov Cohen
Syma Davidovich
Noach Davidovich
Josh Lawrence
Gabi Lawrence
Simon Kaye
Zev Stender
Tsiona Mann
Nechama Rausman
Yedidya Rausman
Joseph Zander
Yechiel Mor
Naomi Bruce
Yonatan Lapid
Shannee Lapid
Avital Netzer
Lev Zuckerman
Yaron and Avital Jackson
Nechama Selig
Zack Rothbart
Netanel Zalut
Chaim Goldberg
Rachel Hershberg
Chaya Bracha Zippor
Ben and Sarah Katz

Half Marathon Runners

Yisroel Porath
Simone Liss
Tabitha Ann and Josh Epstein
Baruch Ganz

Full Marathon Runners

Mordecai Holtz

Most Comprehensive English Database of Israeli Health Organizations Goes Online


Most Comprehensive English Database of Israeli Health Organizations Goes Online

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – The Shira Pransky Project (SPP), a small non-profit organization founded in 2011, has released what is now the most comprehensive English-language database of Israeli healthcare organizations.  The new database, which includes information on nearly 200 organizations, will make much-needed, potentially life-saving information available in English for the first time. For each organization included in the database, a brief description of the organization’s purpose, goals and activities, as well as contact information are included.

Organizations included in the database help patients with a wide range of diseases and conditions ranging from cancer to cystic fibrosis and ulcerative colitis. The database is categorized and each entry is tagged with additional services offered by each organization so that it is easy to use, understand and navigate.

SPP founder Gabe Pransky has said, “Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the Israeli healthcare system, making it accessible to all English speakers; despite our limited resources, this is one major step we have made to make this vision become a reality.” While listings of healthcare organizations existed before the SPP directory was released, they were either entirely in Hebrew or included only partial information about the organizations’ activities and services.

Pransky says he hopes that the database will prove useful to anyone in Israel who understands English better than Hebrew, especially recent immigrants, English speaking tourists and international health professionals. The directory is now available to the public at: www.ShiraPranskyProject.org/directory.

About The Shira Pransky Project:

The Shira Pransky Project (SPP) develops programs that promote awareness of healthcare-related rights and support among English speakers in Israel. SPP works directly with Israeli assistance organizations to make the invaluable information, support and services they offer available to English speakers who can benefit from these important resources.

The Shira Pransky Project is currently the only organization in Israel dedicated to expanding resources that help English speakers know their healthcare rights and access much-needed support in the healthcare system.

To learn more about SPP’s on-going efforts, please visit: www.ShiraPranskyProject.org or www.facebook.com/ShiraPranskyProject