SPP Summer Update

Well, here we are…

The Shira Pransky Project is still young and growing, but we do have several proud accomplishments that we would like to share with our supporters. Please take a look, and follow the links, for a quick snapshot of our progress in promoting English accessible healthcare and support in Israel.


SPP and the Big Picture

Gabe Pransky recently attended a conference organized by Kol Zchut on the accessibility of rights and government support programs to the Israeli public. Read his thoughts about the conference and how Israel is really Waking Up to these issues

Our Collaboration Program

We are very proud of the initial success of our program engaging Israeli health related organizations in collaborative partnerships. Read here for a deeper understanding of the program, and how the ongoing expansion and development of these efforts are essential to facilitating English accessibility in Israeli health and support. Our new collaboration with the organization Kol Zchut is one exciting example of the partnerships we are building.  

Website Evolution

Take a look at the new design for our repository of articles on Israeli rights and benefits, and notice the ‘Repost’ button at the bottom right of some articles, a fresh new tool that makes our content embeddable, allowing us to easily redistribute to other websites and keep them up to date as well.

More Cool Tools

For an idea of how we are using cool tools around the internet for collecting and distributing useful publications take a lo0k at our document collection on Scribd, especially our collection of English Kupat Cholim publications. Also, check out the Prezi presentation that Gabe recently used to give an introduction to Israeli healthcare and the Kupot Cholim to a group of English speaking lone soldiers.

Meet Zack

Zachary Rothbart is the Collaborations Coordinator for The Shira Pransky Project, as well as our in-house translator. Zack made aliyah after graduating from Tulane University and served in the Israel Defense Forces and worked as a translator at Teva Pharmaceuticals before joining the SPP team. In addition to managing relationships with other organizations, managing volunteers, and translating content for the SPP, Zack is currently working towards an MA in Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University. He is also the founder of SpringReach Services, which aims to expand the international reach of socially and environmentally responsible Israeli companies. Zack enjoys traveling, recycling, and playing with small animals – all with his wife, Meredith, another member of the SPP family.

Showing Support

  • Please help ensure our success in promoting English Accessible healthcare and support in Israel by making a donation. To offer continual support, consider a recurring donation.
  • To volunteer to help our cause, by assisting us or the organizations we work with, visit our get involved page for some ideas on how you can help.  
  • Please like our Facebook page, join our Cause, and follow us on Twitter. Participate and share!
  • If you are involved with an organization or foundation that would like to partner with us, or support our initiatives in some way, please let us know!
  • Many of the preceding sections describe ongoing initiatives, or those in development, and ways that we would like to grow. If there is a particular topic that you found engaging, please ask to be involved in that aspect of The Shira Pransky Project. Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us. We welcome your feedback!

Some Personal Stuff

Recent Family Events

Several members of the SPP family have had recent, strikingly similar, joyful life events:

Mazel tov to: Gabi and Josh Lawrence on the birth and bris of Adir, Bayla and JJ Lewis on the birth and bris of Nachshon Yekutiel, Jodi and Zev Stender on the birth and bris of Shlomo Aryeh, Nechama and Yedidya Rausman on the birth and bris of Yisrael Dov, and Ayelet and Amir Perslson on the birth and bris of Adiel Moshe!

Also, shout out and Mazel tov to Yael and Amichai Farkas for breaking the trend with the birth of a baby girl, Sapir Miriam, and Amihai and Chaya Bracha Zippor on the birth of Anavah Esther Freida Devorah!

Finally, heartfelt sympathies to the entire Burkey family of Moshav Mevo Modiim on the recent passing of Emery Burkey, as well as a wish for only joys from now on, as heralded by the birth of Emery’s granddaughter, Liahna Zahara Nesyah to Ilana and Reuven Weinstein on the very same day.

And a Message from Gabe Pransky:

This project evolved out of unexpected life events, personal realizations, and meaningful support. It also evolved out of the simple exposure of a challenge and need in the community of English speaking immigrants in Israel, and it continues to evolve through the hard work of many dedicated individuals. I’m very proud of what we have achieved so far, frustrated that progress must be slow, and inspired to continue and deepen that progress. That inspiration comes from the glaring awareness that the challenges of the community are ongoing, from the personal fulfilment in redeeming mine and Shira’s difficult experiences in the past, and from your continual support. Thank you.